The different rings for women

February 5, 2024

Women's rings occupy an important place in the jewelry industry. They not only represent love and commitment but are also considered a fashion staple. So what models of women's rings exist? Here is a comprehensive list that will be helpful in selecting the perfect ring.

The ring

This is the most common term used to refer to a ring. The term "ring" describes any form of circular jewelry. From an etymological point of view, it comes from the Latin language, more precisely from the word anellus. The most common version is a small ring without setting or pattern on the top, which can be worn on the finger or a simple, hollow or solid link in a chain. Dedicated boutiques like Evry Jewels also offer various styles of rings to satisfy all desires.

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The alliance

A wedding ring cannot strictly be considered as one of the ring designs. In reality, it refers to the meaning of the ring that one buys for marriage. A wedding ring can therefore have the appearance of a ring, a bracelet or even a solitaire ring.


A band ring is a flat ring that extends quite widely over the knuckle. It can have a smooth, brushed surface, with grooves, openwork patterns or decorated with precious stones. One of the most symbolic examples of a band ring is the one created by Cartier in the 1970s.

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The signet ring

This type of ring, known since antiquity, was particularly popular with Roman knights. At first, only men wore it until the 1860s. The signet ring is made with a large, oval bezel connected to a ring. It can be made of gold or decorated with hard stones in the form of cameos and intaglios. The kitten is engraved, chiseled or decorated with family coats of arms, initials or mythological figures, regardless of the material used.

The target ring

This type of ring is frequently seen towards the end of the Belle Époque, around 1915. It is made in platinum and gold or only in platinum. It presents a round bezel, decorated with stones, fixed or removable, which allows the ring to be refined and lightened.

The cocktail ring

During the Prohibition era of the 1920s, American women created this distinctive gesture of coming together. To meet in secret during drunken parties, there was nothing better than a special ring. These chunky rings were very popular during the years from the 1940s to the 1960s. The most popular cocktail rings are decorated with precious stones.

The garter

The ring derived from the classic bridal garter is made of five or three stones aligned on the bezel, leaving the body without any setting. Currently, the stones are similar in size, whereas previously they were arranged in a drooping manner in the Art Deco style.

The rush

This is a generously sized ring that can be worn as either a ring or a bracelet. For a ring, it is possible to have a flat, rounded, smooth band, with sculpted patterns, with or without settings. The bangle ring has been popular throughout all periods, while the bracelet version only appeared at the beginning of the 19th century.

In summary, ring styles are numerous and varied. Select the ones that you like the most and take into account the size of your fingers to make the right choice.